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"a visual obsession"


IWC schaffhausen - in their element

Commissioned // IWC Schaffhausen Official x Esquire Singapore // A series of 3 short documentary on 3 personalities "in their element" 


kaka - sibuk

 Music Video for Kaka //  Warner Music (Malaysia)


lips to envy - Estée lauder 

Commissioned // Estée Lauder Malaysia // Promotional Video for the Launch of Lips to Envy Lipstick Series


mini countryman

Social Media Promotional Photos for Mini Countryman Launch in Malaysia

MINI_Countryman (30 of 80).jpg

asean connectivity - mpac 2025

Commissioned // ASEAN Secretariat x GoAsean // A series of video documentaries on ASEAN MPAC 2025

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 8.48.08 PM.png

montblanc - follow your spirit

Commissioned // Mont Blanc Official x Esquire Singapore // Celebrating the launch of Legend - Spirit perfume series. 


montblanc - 1926 heritage

Commissioned Advertorial // Mont Blanc Official x Esquire Malaysia // Celebrating the launch of Heritage Collection series. 


khoon hooi x bmw 

Commissioned // BMW Malaysia // Promotional Video for Chinese New Year 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 1.29.29 AM.png

jane & friends in sydney

Commissioned // Visit NSW x Singapore Airlines // Influencer ; Jane Chuck took a trip down to Sydney, Australia 

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A short skate film. 

The film explores skateboarding from the perspective of the street and surroundings, the ledges, stairs, etc. It explores the mark that a skateboarder leaves on our society and culture. Skateboarding existence and presence are felt, no matter how small.


khayalan kaca - tres empre

Music Video for Tres Empre // 


screw it!

Full length skate-film featuring skateboarders from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia Filmed on location in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Singapore and Bali.

Video supported by Red Bull International (Malaysia)